School of Theology

The mission of the School of Theology is the proximate preparation of candidates for the priesthood. Seminarians presented for ordination should be converted to the service of Christ, understand the tradition of the Church, and possess the attitudes and skills necessary to begin priestly ministry.


The Josephinum School of Theology is primarily dedicated to providing four full years of theological and ministerial formation in preparation for priestly ordination through the Master of Divinity program (M.Div). Within that context, graduate-level academic subjects provide the theological basis for priestly life and service and are integrated with the human, spiritual, and pastoral components of the degree programs.


The School of Theology offers three additional academic programs: A Master of Arts in Theology degree, a Bachelor of Sacred Theology degree, which is completed in affiliation with the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome, and a Certificate in Hispanic Ministry Field Education.


The Josephinum's Statement of Educational Effectiveness may be found below. Additional information on degrees offered may be found in the current Catalog.


Degrees Offered

Master of Divinity and Ordination


Completion of the Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree and ordination to the priesthood are the normative credentials promoted by the School of Theology of the Pontifical College Josephinum for its seminarians. These credentials are conferred after the successful completion of the fourth year of studies in the School of Theology. The M.Div. program, which is intended to prepare candidates for the Catholic priesthood, is open only to seminarians who have been accepted into the program by the rector of the Josephinum.


The M.Div. is a first level professional degree that is included in the seminary’s ordination program. The ordination program also requires various advanced components.


The goals of the M.Div. program are in conformity with the Program of Priestly Formation (PPF) (5th edition) and all related governing documents on priestly formation. The M.Div. program strives, by means of both content and process, to enable seminarians to integrate the four fundamental dimensions of formation identified in the PPF and in Pastores Dabo Vobis: human, intellectual, pastoral, and spiritual.


Intellectual Books_600_450.jpgBy design, this vision coincides with the degree standards of the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) along with those of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), an affiliate of the North Central Association. Both ATS and HLC accredit the Master of Divinity degree offered by the Josephinum’s School of Theology.


While addressing the formation goals in its four dimensions, the M.Div. program endeavors to provide significant structured opportunities that enable the seminarian to develop a comprehensive and critical understanding of the Catholic Tradition in its historical and contemporary cultural context.


Moreover, the M.Div. program is designed to assist the seminarian to develop a capacity for priestly life and leadership in a context of ongoing personal and spiritual formation. Continuing programmatic and personal assessments, with an emphasis on seminarian centered learning, are considered integral to the formation program in all of its components.


Curriculum Plan: Master of Divinity Degree


Master of Arts

The Master of Arts in Theology (hereafter M.A.) is a first-level graduate degree, which can be taken for personal enrichment, as preparation for teaching, or as preparation for further studies. It has two primary goals: first, to provide a core, graduate–level competency in theological studies; second, to allow for a concentration in biblical studies, dogmatic theology, moral theology, or evangelization. Seminarians preparing for the priesthood at the Josephinum, and therefore working towards a Master of Divinity degree may pursue the M.A. concurrently.


Bachelor of Sacred Theology

The Pontifical College Josephinum in affiliation with the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome, Italy offers a Bachelor of Sacred Theology (STB). Since this degree is awarded by the Pontifical Lateran University, it is an entry level pontifical degree. Candidates awarded this degree can then move on to pursue higher pontifical degrees. Requirements for ordination are not satisfied by the STB degree since it does not require the practical courses included among the requirements for ordination.


Certificate in Hispanic Ministry Field Education

This program prepares both non-Hispanic and Hispanic seminarians in the School of Theology for ministry to the growing population of Hispanic Catholics in the United States. It emphasizes learning through practice of the different elements involved in ministry to Hispanic Catholics in the United States. Prerequisites and requirements may be found in the current Catalog.


Statement of Educational Effectiveness

Average rate at which our students are progressing through our accredited graduate degrees

2011/12-2014/15:  24 MDiv at 4yrs 2 mos    Avg GPA: 3.64       4 MA at 4 yrs 0 mos    Avg GPA: 3.83
2012/13-2015/16:  16 MDiv at 4yrs 1 mos    Avg GPA: 3.56       4 MA at 4 yrs 0 mos    Avg GPA: 3.84 2013/14-2016/17:  19 MDiv at 4yrs 1 mos    Avg GPA: 3.56     10 MA at 4 yrs 4 mos    Avg GPA: 3.86   

Average time to graduation and placement rates

Graduation Time:
MDiv at 4 yrs 1 mos
MA at 4 yrs 2 mos

Job Placement:
MDiv at 100%
MA at 100%

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