Hispanic Ministry

Pastoral Hispanic Class_600_450.jpgThe Pontifical College Josephinum was one of the first seminaries in the country to develop a program for Hispanic Ministry formation, recognizing that future priests must be equipped with the skills necessary to be spiritual guides for the growing number of Hispanic Catholics in the United States.

Features of The Hispanic Ministry Formation Program at the Josephinum:

  • Coordinated by the Director of Hispanic Ministry Formation, under the guidance of the Vice Rector of the School of Theology.
  • Intellectual, human, spiritual, and pastoral components.
  • Focus on preparing seminarians for ministry within Hispanic communities.

Heritage & Fraternity

A majority of the seminarians at the Josephinum represent dioceses within the United States, yet many of them are of Hispanic origin. These men are a constant reminder of the critical need for priests who can minister to Hispanic Catholics. Moreover, their friendship and fraternity with non-Hispanic seminarians provides an invaluable education for the men who are studying Spanish and learning about Hispanic culture.


Pastoral Hispanic Seiler_600_450.jpgLanguage Instruction

The Josephinum offers courses in Spanish language, grammar and composition, pastoral Spanish, as well as Hispanic literature, history and culture. All College seminarians must study Spanish, unless the language requirement is fulfilled through transfer credits.


Cultural Programs

Hispanic celebrations are held at the seminary throughout the year, including Hispanic Heritage Month, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and Posadas. These events enable Hispanic seminarians to share their cultural traditions with others, and expose non-Hispanic seminarians to the traditions of the people to whom they will minister.


Liturgy & Prayer

Many priests on the Josephinum’s faculty are fluent in Spanish. Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours are celebrated in Spanish each week; other liturgies are celebrated in Spanish throughout the year corresponding to Hispanic feast days.


Hispanic Pastoral Ministry Certificate

The Josephinum offers a program for 3rd year Theologians and deacons. This program equips both non-Hispanic and Hispanic seminarians with the skills necessary for priestly ministry to Pastoral Hispanic Paint.jpgHispanic Catholics in the United States.*


  • One year (6 credits) of elementary Spanish. May be fulfilled at the Josephinum in the 1st or 2nd year of Theology, or by transfer credit or placement examination.
  • One year (6 credits) of intermediate and advanced Spanish. May be fulfilled at the Josephinum in the 1st or 2nd year of Theology, or by transfer credit or placement examination.
  • Two semesters (6 credits) of advanced pastoral Spanish fulfilled at the Josephinum.


One summer immersion in a Spanish-speaking country or Hispanic parish in the United States. The Josephinum will assist the seminarian/ diocese in selecting a location. (Summer After 2nd or 3rd Year Theology)


One year of apostolic field work in a Hispanic parish/community in the Columbus dioc­ese prior to diaconate ordination. (3rd Year Theology)

Hispanic Ministry Experience I. This course focuses on fluency in reading; administering the sacraments and rites in Spanish; homiletics and Hispanic popular religiosity in the United States. (Spring Semester, 3rd Year Theology)

Intellectual Grads_600_450.jpg

Hispanic Ministry Experience II focuses on hearing Spanish/bilingual confessions; presenting catechetical texts in Hispanic, bilingual, and bicultural contexts; door-to-door evangelization; speaking to Hispanic youth groups; establishing dialogue in family ministry; homiletics, and prison ministry. (Fall Semester, 4th Year Theology)

Spanish Homiletics. This is a one-credit course taken every semester from the spring of 3rd year Theology through the spring of 4th year Theology. It is necessary in order for the seminarian to be able to work on his language, pronunciation, and delivery skills for Spanish homilies on a steady basis.  

One year of weekend diaconal ministry at a bilingual parish community in the Columbus diocese. Deacons also preach at the weekly Spanish Masses at the seminary. Focus on preparing native English-speaking as well as native Spanish-speaking seminarians for ministry within Hispanic communities or parishes in the U.S. (4th Year Theology)

*Hispanic seminarians who were born, raised, and educated in Hispanic countries need to learn to minister to U.S. Hispanic Catholics, which is an entirely different situation from what they are used to in their home parishes.