English as a Second Language

ESL Brush_600_450.jpgThe Josephinum English Language Program is a comprehensive and intensive English immersion program for international seminarians


Personal Attention

• The JELP provides a supportive environment for the international seminarian as he adjusts to a new social and academic culture.

• Each seminarian is given a faculty advisor who ensures his needs are met as he settles into new surroundings.

• The advisor continues to work with the seminarian throughout the academic year, maximizing his opportunities for acculturation and successful learning – the primary goal of the JELP.


Academic Support

• The JELP is a comprehensive, three-level program.

• It accommodates all levels of English speakers.

• Daily English classes in speaking and listening, reading, writing, and grammar are integral to the program.

• Seminarians practice conversation skills with native English speakers in social and spiritual settings.

ESL Oath_600_450.jpgAfter the seminarian achieves competency in English, he continues to receive academic assistance with coursework. Since writing skills are usually the slowest to develop in the non-native speaker, international seminarians receive ongoing assistance in the Josephinum’s Writing Center.


Spiritual Enrichment & Formation

• International seminarians benefit from the rich spiritual life of the seminary, including the Liturgy of the Hours, daily Mass and Rosary, Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, and weekly Spanish Masses.

• They participate fully in the Priestly Formation Program, which assists them in the areas of intellectual, human, pastoral, and spiritual formation.

• Under the guidance of the formation faculty, seminarians assess their strengths, identify areas for growth, and work to achieve realistic goals.



First-year JELP seminarians are paired with a Catholic Friendship Family. These local American families stay in touch with their seminarian throughout the school year, offering support, encouragement, friendship, and hospitality. This is a wonderful opportunity for the international seminarian to learn more about American families and American culture.