College of Liberal Arts Formation Program

Class Heisler_600_450.jpgThe College of Liberal Arts, upholding standards of academic excellence, has as its principle objective to help its students develop the attitudes, skills, knowledge and cultural perspectives, which will enable them to function effectively as Catholic adults and as candidates for graduate theological education in preparation for ordination to the priesthood. It provides the means for fostering spiritual growth and vocational discernment, as well as for gradually developing greater understanding and Christian responsiveness to the major issues and concerns of contemporary society.


The college program strives to provide a rich liberal arts education, through which students acquire a wide range of knowledge, along with the skills to continue seeking the truth as members of a community that is firmly grounded in the Catholic tradition, but living in the contemporary world.


The Josephinum offers two degrees at the undergraduate level; the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Philosophy degrees, as well as a Certificate of Completion in Philosophical and Theological Studies. Each of these academic programs is housed within the College of Liberal Arts. The educational program of the College of Liberal Arts seeks to foster in seminarians a deep understanding of the human condition and the Catholic tradition.


Seminarians enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts program are encouraged to ground this understanding in the intellectual exploration of literature, history, philosophy, and theology, as well as the study of diverse cultures and languages. This curriculum also requires the fulfillment of a Major in either philosophy or humanities.


Core Courses: Bachelor of Arts

Core Courses: Bachelor of Philosophy

Curriculum Plan: Certificate of Completion in Philosophical and Theological Studies