College of Liberal Arts


Alma M. Amell, PhD
Professor; Director of Hispanic Formation


Reverend John Sims Baker, JD
Assistant Professor; Vice-Rector; Dean of Community Life; Director of Human Formation


Loyann W. Brush, MA
Assistant Professor


Marisa D. Cahall, PhD
Lecturer (Adjunct)


Lisa Ciminillo, MS
Lecturer (Adjunct)


David J. De Leonardis, PhD
Associate Professor


Douglas C. Fortner, PhD
Associate Professor


Eric S. Graff, PhD
Assistant Professor; Dean of Institutional Planning, Assessment and Accreditation


Reverend John F. Heisler, MA
Instructor; Director of Spiritual Formation


Jason J. Keefer, DMA
Assistant Professor; Director of Sacred Music


Beverly S. Lane, MLS
Associate Professor; Associate Librarian


Marny S. Lemmel, PhD
Assistant Professor


William L. Little, MA
Lecturer (Adjunct)


Joseph T. Papa, PhD
Assistant Professor


Patricia A. Polko, MA
Instructor; Director of English as a Second Language Services (ESLS)


Kevin Poole, PhD
Associate Professor


Marilyn Rofsky, MA
ESLS Instructor (Adjunct) 


Reverend Juan Carlos Sack, IVE, SSL
Assistant Professor


Daniel Shields, PhD
Assistant Professor


Reverend Charles Shonk, OP, STL
Lecturer (Adjunct)


Elizabeth V. Stilp, MA
Lecturer (Adjunct); Director of Academic Support Services


School of Theology


Reverend John A. Allen, STB
Vice President for Advancement; Director of Alumni Relations


Perry J. Cahall, PhD
Professor; Academic Dean; Director of Intellectual Formation


Reverend Raymond N. Enzweiler, PhD, BeL
Associate Professor; Vice Rector, Dean of Community Life; Director of Human Formation


Reverend Louis V. Iasiello, OFM, PhD, (RADM, CHC, USN, Ret.)
Professor; Director of Pastoral and Apostolic Formation


Grzegorz Ignatik, STL, PhD
Assistant Professor


Reverend Monsignor John Johnson, JCD
Professor of Canon Law (Adjunct)


Reverend Michael J. Kelly, MA
Director of Spiritual Formation


Timothy M. Luis, PhD
Lecturer (Adjunct); Director, Psychological Evaluation and Counseling Services


Reverend Douglas A. Martis, PhD, STD
Associate Professor; Director of Sacred Liturgy


Reverend Monsignor Kevin T. McMahon, STD
Professor; Vice Rector for Administration


Reverend David G. Monaco, CP, PhD
Associate Professor


Reverend Joseph A. Murphy, SJ, STD
Associate Professor; Director of Admissions; Director of Community Support Services


William F. Murphy, Jr., STD
Professor; Editor, Josephinum Journal of Theology


Reverend David A. Schalk, MDiv, STB
Lecturer (Adjunct)


Reverend Monsignor Christopher J. Schreck, SSL, PhD, STD
Professor; Rector/President


Peter G. Veracka, MSLS
Associate Professor; Director of Library Services


Reverend Jared Wicks, SJ, ThD